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Didgeridoo Making Workshops

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On this page you can book our Didgeridoo Making Workshop. If you are looking for our indigenous tour please Click Here

Make a Genuine Indigenous musical instrument.

  • Make your won Didgeridoo from genuine termite eaten timber
  • You can choose your raw Didge from a selection of sizes and shapes
  • We supply all the tools needed.
  • We will assist you to make your Didgeridoo
  • Lunch,snacks and drinks included.
  • You will do a "How to play" lesson and finish with a cultural music jame with us on Didge, Drums, Clapstick and Boomerangs.
  • We can also assist you to put some artwork on your finished Didge for a small extra cost
  • We will also share some of our First Nation's Culture and History with you during the day.
  • Workshop starts at 8.30am and finishes at 2.30 pm.
  • Workshops are conducted at our West End location in Brisbane and at our Coolangatta location on the Soth Gold Coast.
  • Wrokshops are run every day except sundays and cater for a minimum of 20 people per workshops

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